New Year’s Resolutions

Hi, dear reader! I have decided to write my new year’s resolutions just very recently. It’s not too late anyway as we’re only a week into 2017. Haha

Anyways, my new year’s resolutions are (in no particular order):

  • be regular with my Quiet Time
  • read my Bible everyday
  • fill all the pages of my Starbucks planner, with the “Notes” dedicated to what I’ve learned from my devotional book Women in the Bible
  • write again
  • write more
  • read again
  • read more
  • lose weight (20 lbs (or more!) this year
  • run regularly, at least 6KM per week (Hi, Legaspi Active Park!)
  • eat healthy (looking at meal plans right now, recommendations are more than welcome!)
  • more adventures, e.g. beaches and mountains (looking at going back to Pangasinan, La Union, and the Ilocos Region)
  • run a marathon (goal is 21KM haha okay fine 10KM if I’m being realistic)

Oh and manage my finances well!

I shall also do a writing challenge or two this year, so you can look forward to that. Or not! Haha


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