New Year Musings

Hi, dear reader! Happy new year.

*Insert “I welcome the new year with a grateful heart and ready to leave behind what was 2016” haha*

So…the first week of 2017 just finished and it was rather productive. I got to go back to Palawan over the long weekend (30 December 2016 until 3 January 2017). I GOT REGULARISED (THANK YOU, LORD!) that’s how I got the extra holiday which was the 3rd haha. My flight back to Manila was very delayed though, we were supposed to arrive by 8PM but we arrived at 10:20PM (!) which I think was okay because it worked in my favour that there was no traffic at all! And cheap Grab. Okay, it was not okay because there were other people in that flight and that was a very selfish thought I just wrote.

As I am writing this, what one of our interns said to me in the afternoon echoes in my head “You should not stop living your life.” the thing is: I don’t really have friends outside of work or this dorm. And I was not able to write (write like the journalism kind of write) last year. Maybe I did get to write but it wasn’t the kind of write that I wanted, but that’s okay my time will come. I should be fine.

This year, I want to make things count. I don’t want to be a receptionist for an entire year this year. I want to be promoted. I want to do more than just answering calls and serving refreshments for guests. I want to write again. I want to go out there. ADVENTURE AWAITS ME and I know that. I want to answer the call of adventure.

Don’t get me wrong being a receptionist is not an easy task but I’m not good at it. I’m not complaining but it is what I think.

I want to climb Mt. Pulag again. I want to go surfing again. And this time I’d be better at those things. I want to go to Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon and Camiguin! I want to see more of Mindanao more than the city that was Davao. I want to go to Nagtabon beach and to the White Castle Falls in Puerto Princesa City, this time I’m bringing friends with me. I also want to go to El Nido to which I haven’t been in over a decade!

I want to write again. I want my brain to function again. I want to do so many things again not because those were comfortable but because those were the things that made me feel like I’ve lived!

Over the holidays, I received notebooks and journals. And maybe that’s my queue to write again. I could start with one-liners and then maybe some writing challenges along the way.

I just have to start. And then start over and over and over again.


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