Tuesday Rant

I can’t stop crying right now. And I have a few reasons why I think I’m crying I just can’t put my finger on it.


First, there’s the shortage of participants for Thursday’s event. We’ve been selling this event for weeks now and we’re not yet even half of the participants we’re expecting.

Second, there was my mom who said that I said yes to her when she asked me to run papers. I had to take a half-day leave from the office just so I could run the papers but when I got to the office where the papers were supposed to be submitted, the lady in-charge of processing them was just about to leave. So in my disappointment I broke down and I cried in there with people watching. I had my heavy fucking laptop in my backpack among other things running up and down the stairs just so I could finish the papers but I didn’t. Worst part: I’m a receptionist and the intern that I asked to relieve me from my post was “kicked out” because she didn’t know what she was doing despite my instructions before I left the office. Also I had a late lunch that day. A 3PM lunch to be exact at fucking McDonald’s!

Third, I was so tired, my bag was so fucking heavy, my legs hurt, I was sweating like a pig, and there my mom was on the phone telling me that I didn’t tell her that I had an event on Thursday when in fact she knew that I had an event on Thursday she just wanted the “yes I’m gonna go there and process the papers” to come from me.

When I broke down at the office where the papers were to be submitted and processed, I wasn’t even given fucking comfort. Not even a drop of water!!


Fucking hell!! I hate my life.

I hate being a receptionist. I hate answering the phone every time it rings. In fact, I’ve come to hate it so much I don’t even call people anymore. I don’t want to talk anyone or anything anymore!  I hate that I’m so selfless that I take all the blame that I can take. I hate that I’m so helpless. I don’t have a social life outside of the office. Hell, I don’t even have a social life inside the office.

I just want all these to end. I really do. Or my life to end, really.


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